Monday, June 14, 2010

In Search of Monday Lunch: Cochon Butcher

Last weekend was a busy one here at Blackened Out, so we are starting this week off with a quick word about one of our favorites. Sometimes less is more, and Cochon Butcher is certainly proof of this minimalist theory.

Just a few high top tables and stools to eat on, bottles of hot sauce and jars of pickles lined up on the shelves, and a display case filled with about a dozen pigs worth of charcuterie. Plus, Butcher serves some of the best sandwiches around: meltingly tender BBQ pork with cool and crunchy cole slaw (above), house smoked pastrami on rye, and the only roast beef in the city worth eating without gravy. In addition to the regular favorites, those crazy kids behind the counter are always thinking up something special everyday: "GLT" of guanciale, lettuce, and tomato; a banh mi made with head cheese; or an Italian style sausage and peppers.

It's so difficult to choose which one is best, that we must put it to a vote.

And a little known secret about Butcher is that they bake some might fine desserts. Cookies and brownies are always available, but treats like cupcakes stuffed with pudding and mini chocolate bundt cakes make occasional appearances.

Is it noon yet?


Anonymous said...

Old news.

Anonymous said...

Close, that is a different restaurant. But please try again.

Rene said...

Anon (1),

Sure it may be old news, but as Anon 2 points out, the Unknown Critic reviewed Cochon. This is Butcher.

Also, we write articles about a week out and then edit. Sometimes our material is anything but groundbreaking (read here: usually not).

Irregardless, as they say in Southwest Louisiana, pig rules.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm sorry.

Donnie Boy Riguez said...

Looks as if BO should only visit and review new establishments rather than:

A - Take the time to provide their own review and expound on their own experiences (since the link provided by Anon offers the insight of the most influential food blogger in this town)

B - Bring continued attention to local restaurants and entrepreneurs (it to me is a wonder why Coca-Cola and McDonald's continue to advertise! I must admit that this site has refused to review the new Chick Fil A on Veterans much to my chagrin.)

C - Continue a series that provides the array of lunch opportunities available in the CBD (I don't see the competing website reviewing the P&G/Gregory & Pete's empires)

To conclude, simple shots/jabs like these are no match for the BO Army. Save your hate/jealously for BP. Posting foolish comments with links (which it seems to have taken the poster all morning to correctly attach) to another website is "hating". Master P never made mention of other rappers because it would only enhance the reputation of a "hater". Thus, don't try to ride the coattails of the BO legacy with another blogger. Save your energy to enhance rather than meekly attempt to damage BO.

That is all.

Real Big Tally said...

1st Anonymous and this guy would get along quite well together:

Shedd said...

Hahaha, Anon, that is classic. When you corrected yourself by linking to another blog that wrote up Butcher, you linked to an entry that not only recognizes that Butcher has been written up before that particular post, but that links to Blackened Out as one of the examples of someone beating eatingnola to the Butcher punch. You unwittingly undid your own point it would seem.

Scott said...

This made my day.

flojindamesa said...

Made mine as well. Methinks this is not the first time this "anonymous" has made this same comment on this very blog, either. Neither is it the first time he or she has linked out to Eating in Nola. How's that for originality?

flojindamesa said...

Ha! Found it! And I quote:

Anonymous said...
Hey didn't those Eating in Nola people right about Slice recently?

You guys need to get some original material.