Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mouth

Today we are going to play the guessing game. Here's the scenario:

It's Friday night, and you are part of a group of 10 people going out for dinner. What to eat? Guy 1 says it's too hot for Italian, Girl 2 doesn't eat sushi, Guy 3 wants something more than po-boys, etc. Finally, 9 of the people decide on steak, with a promise to the vegetarian in the group that there will be something on the menu for her to eat. Now, where to go? The alpha male takes charge and nominates La Boca as the venue for the carnivorous feast. Upon your arrival, the waiter tells you that they offer a special group menu for parties of 8 or more. He rattles off the details, and before you know it the parade of dishes described below are arriving at your table.

Question: How much does the group menu cost per person?

Although the above pisco sour is not included in the group menu, the picture helps you envision the setting.

The feast starts with a bruschetta of smoked trout with sweet onion marmalade.

Onto the Provoleta - Argentinian cheese melted over olive oil in a cast iron skillet and flavored with a generous sprinkling of oregano. (One skillet for every four people in your group.) Perfect to be scooped onto to the complimentary bread and then spiced up with one of the three housemade chimichurris - classic, red pepper, and creole mustard.

Then the Gaucho Plate of grilled sweetbreads, chorizo, beek skewers, and empanadas. (As with the Provoleta above, each Gaucho Plate is to be shared among 4 people.) Never had grilled sweetbreads before? You will love them, trust me. The grilling creates a crusty exterior while leaving the inside still creamy.

Next, how about a small pasta course? Usually you will get the gnocchi in a cream sauce with pancetta and peas, or in the winter you may get parpadelle with sweet potato and mushrooms. Above is the fettucini with eggplant, tomatoes, and olives, which (if you ask nicely) can be substituted in lieu of a steak.

Following the pasta is a little hearts of palm salad with avocado. Nothing wrong with vegetables.

Finally, we get to the beef. Each diner gets to choose his cut (and his knife). Strip, flank, hanger, or lastly (for a small upcharge) a filet. In our opinion, the hanger is the best choice.

But Peter, what about side dishes? OK. What would you say to grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, and french fries "La Boca" tossed in garlic and parsley?

Phew, that was a lot of food. Oh wait, I forgot about dessert. How about a Dulce de Leche Crepe, Amaretto and Coconut Ice Cream Cake, and a slice of an incredibly dense chocolate torte?

OK, that's it, I swear. Now, how much per person?*

La Boca Group Menu - Double Eagle

*The Group Menu at La Boca is $50 per person with a $5 upcharge for a filet mignon. Contender for best steak in the city, and winner of best value in the city.


Anonymous said...

Its too bad their manager is such a tool. The taste of a great meal is always spoiled by the arrogance (or is it ignorance) of someone who should not be in the restaurant business.

Real Big Tally said...

Re: Anonymous above,

Could you elaborate on your opinion a little bit? As one of the "uninformed" (as I'm assuming many of the readers are), your comment comes way out of left field. Plus, why does it matter to you if the manager is a "tool" if you're still getting a great meal when you go out for a meal? Seems like he must be doing something right.

flojindamesa said...

I just got a little misty looking at that photo of the pisco sour. Although it seems strange to be served a pisco sour at an Argentine restaurant, I can tell by the froth that they did it right.

Thanks for the review. I've always been curious about this place and after seeing the pictures, am making mental plans to go at this moment.

Did you happen to see whether they serve Quillmes beer?

Peter said...


I am not sure if they serve Quillmes. I usually just start with a pisco sour and then go straight to malbec after that.

Rene said...

They do in fact serve Quillmes. Its delicious, but they do not always have it in stock.

I think Oriestes management style is incredibly unique and fits the restaurant well.

Alex Rawls said...

I believe anyone who finds Oriestes a tool though I've never had that experience with him personally. I believe a guy who wears a belt and braces could easily have it in him. But I'm with Rene - he's part of the La Boca experience & I usually find him an entertaining presence.

laura t said...

oh i will definatley check this out next time i am near fulton.