Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guest Blogger: The Folk Singer

Blogger's Note - The Folk Singer has decided to throw her hat in the ring in this summer's guest blogger challenge. In order to rise to the top, she will need a strong performance after last week's post by Real Big Tally stirred up so much controversy. So she decided to bring out the big guns and address a topic which most of us (unfortunately) have too much experience with. We're talking hangover helpers, people.

As a girl who hails from the same hometown as Krystal , I have been skeptical of this so-called "Kastleburger" ever since the re-opening of Tastee/McKenzie's in Lakeview. Krystal burgers are the go-to fourth meal in Chattanooga, and in my mind, there is no substitute.

When I woke up last Saturday morning with a headache that could only be attributed to one too many glasses of champagne at a Friday night wedding, Peter's promise of buttermilk drops sounded less than appealing. So, in the interest of curing my hangover writing a review for Blackened Out, I asked Peter to pick me up a Kastleburger (or three) and a side of fries.

Some people might prefer the hair of the dog as their morning after cure, but I have always been partial to something with a bit more sustenance. There is something ever-so comforting about those greasy little two-bite burgers and the simplicity of steamed onions, mustard and pickle. The Kastleburger almost lived up to its hype. I like my square-mini burgers with cheese, but I want to taste the cheese if it's there. The french fries were perfect, and after I'd finished my breakfast, suddenly Peter's leftover buttermilk drops weren't looking so bad after all. So I ate those too, decided that a three hour nap was in order, and went happily back to bed.

Bottom line: They may have been my first three Kastleburgers, but unless I can convince Peter to make a run to Krystal on Bourbon Street on Saturday morning, they definitely won't be my last.

It's no Krystal, but...

And that's worth more than a few points in this Tennessee girl's book.


Rene said...

I imagine the town where Krystal is from everything is miniature. That would mean one could eat twice as much. Please say this is so.

Anonymous said...

Folks...don't promise people buttermilk drops unless you're prepared to visit one of two (possibly three) places: 1) Tastee on Loyola (read: no other Tastee makes them this way); 2) McKenzie's Chicken Box on Frenchmen/Foy; or 3) possibly Henry's on St. Claude, but the first two are the same recipe.

The Tastee in Lakeview is the typical "12 to a box" sham that Tastee is calling "the buttermilk drop."

You be the judge(s).

Peter said...


This calls for a taste(e) test. Expect a report soon as long as I can get hold of a buttermilk drop from each place.

Where exactly is the Tastee on Loyola? I can't seem to find it.

Anonymous said...

Peter...Tastee (Loyola Drive in Kenna).

Peter said...


That's what I thought, thanks.