Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to Sucre

A few weeks ago Peter and I had an exclusive, all access sneak peak at the Sucré production facility. No one else has ever been allowed inside these walls, save Peter and I, and now you. So feel lucky. Full story coming soon in offBEAT. For now enjoy the photography by Peter via TFS's camera.

The infamous muffins which create Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

These cupcakes are so wonderful they remind us of Angel turds

Eaten raw, fresh rolled pastry dough allows anyone to become a blogger.

Sucre's gelato packaging will remind you of happy, fat kid times.

After milking a gelato cow all day, Peter was rewarded with this Praline Gelato. Sucre's new gelato recipe is much improved.

Replace that tired, old Christmas tree this year with a Macaroon tree.

Who Dat?

Was this your wedding cake? If so, it was delicious.

The Dread Pirate Robert is a giant. Just look how small his camera and tripod are in comparison to his massive frame.

Here, the Dread Pirate lets everyone who reads Blackened Out know, "Congrats! You are reading the #1 Food Blog in New Orleans!!!!!"


robert said...

Christ God I am so beautiful it hurts.

Frolic said...

The whole finger behind the food shot is becoming quite the trend.

Rene said...

Its the new look of rustic foodtography. Gone is the breadcrumbs and dripping barbecue sauce, it has been replaced by juvenile behavior.

Frolic said...

Will probably see a similar photo on the next issue of Gourmet.