Monday, June 1, 2009

Chef Matt Murphy Fundraiser

"When it is one of your own, you do anything to help," Chef Matt Murphy.

In January I had the opportunity to meet Chef Mat Murphy at La Cote Brasserie where he was co-cheffing an event to raise money for Ben Sarrat, Jr. I spent maybe thirty minutes with him, Tom Wolfe, Slade Rushing, and Chuck Subra, and I noticed right away a warmth, humor, and generosity in Chef Murphy that one rarely experiences. I asked Chef Murphy about the difference between doing a fundraiser for Generic Charity and one for a friend in the industry. His response is above.

As you may be aware, a little over two weeks ago Chef Murphy had a tragic run in with disease. He is from what I understand getting better but is far from fine. He and his wife Alicia are the parents of quads with another child on the way.

The chefs, restaurants, and hospitality community of New Orleans are rallying together to help this amazing man and his equally strong family. The event will take place on June 14th at the Ritz Carlton. Tickets are $65. I can promise you that is a steal. Just look at the places on this list. We will see you there.

If you can't afford the tickets, please donate blood. If you can't donate blood, how about a prayer or two? New Orleanians have gotten very good at helping one another in difficult times, now is another opportunity to step to the plate.


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