Friday, June 5, 2009

Classic Combinations

Summer and Pastis

On a hot day nothing is as refreshing as a cold pastis. If you like anise flavored liquors, you know this thrill. Fill a glass with crushed ice, pour into it Pernod, Ouzo, Herbsaint, Absinthe, Ojen, etc(should we call them "licors")?... top with cold water, maybe some bitters, maybe some sugar. Sip and enjoy.

The first sensation is always the rich, luxurious smell of anise. Then a tinge of sweet. Finally the slow burn of straight ethanol. The reason it works so well in hot weather? First off, it is cold. Secondly, it sends a shiver down your spine when made properly. Lemonade is for rookies.
This drink pictured above had special meaning. It was the last drop of Ojen I will likely pour in my household. As written more eloquently at Fille de la Ville, Martin's was the last remaining spot in town to pick up Ojen. Likely it was the last remaining store in the world to stock it on its shelves. The last bottles were recently sold. So unless Pro Bono Publico throws a membership application this way, drinking this Spanish elixir will become more and more elusive. The ability to purchase a bottle of Ojen is but a memory now.

An Ojen Cocktail

Loads of crushed ice
3 Fingers of Ojen
Five Splashes of Peychaud's Bitters
Top with club soda or ice cold water

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lafille said...

So I'm curious-- which anise liquor do you prefer? The unspoiled pure anise of the Ojen or something with more complexity and herbaceousness (?!) like Herbsaint?

Thanks for the props, brah.