Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

Is on Sunday. But don't worry there is still time to get your mom a years subscription to Blackened Out. We have gotten a lot of emails from peeps asking for a guide to places to take momma. So I think it is time we have a talk.

There are two days you should absolutely positively stay away from restaurants. The first is Valentine's Day. The second is Mother's Day. Industry insiders hate hate hate these days, they refer to them derisively as "Amateur night." The reason? People who never eat out, eat out on those days.

So what can you expect? Either rushed, lazy, or just straight up poor service. Restaurants will often overbook on these days/nights because amateurs like to make reservations at multiple places and then choose one. Of course they often neglect to tell the restaurant this. To compensate restaurants overbook working the jerk factor into the day. Lucky you, the place you chose did not have any cancellations and had a party of 15 walk-in. But if you like you can stand in the atrium or sit in the bar as your table will be ready shortly. "Son, I thought you got a reservation. I knew I should have called," Mom will say.

Then it is likely you are getting a set menu. Which is fine except for your Cousin Sue who decided last week that she can only eat "Fair-trade Tofu." Unfortunately your harried waiter when queried by Cousin Sue said, "Nothing here is fair." Now Sue is sulking, carving a hammer and sickle into the table, and chugging sugar packets. Fun.

Now, also take into consideration this fact: restaurant people are people too. Cooks have moms, and it is rumored families. Waiters probably even kids. You think they want to be in a restaurant on a Sunday morning (after hopefully a busy service on Saturday night), serving grillades and grits to Aunt Edna? Chances are the restaurant will not see 10% of their Mother's Day patrons ever again. That does not bode well for a good meal.*

Now certainly there are exceptions. Commander's, Galatoire's, Antoine's, etc... those places are used to huge crowds. So if you go stick to them. Otherwise invite mom over, make some stiff cocktails, and fire up the barbecue. Just don't forget the Fair Trade Tofu.

*This is pretty much a reason to stay away from brunches places also. The good waiters, cooks, and management don't work Sunday shifts. They battle hangovers.

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fmcgmccllc said...

Good advice, although once we where in NO for Mother's Day and our regular waiter at the Rib Room saved use some special apps and dessert from the special menu for our dinner. We ate lunch at the Touche to avoid the "family gatherings".