Friday, May 29, 2009

Classic Combinations


Donnie Boy Riguez said...

Yesterday after I cashed some ill-gotten money order at Whitney on Vets, I stopped at Dorignac's and picked up a loaf of St. Joseph's bread. Flamingo Pete and 2 of his brothers once tailgated with 1 lb of butter and 3 loaves of St. Joseph's bread. Let's just say it was a stone cold groove.

BBD said...

Step your game up Peter.

Rene said...

Listen, no one reads on Friday. Here is the goal of the new Friday series. Sit back and think of all the great bread and butter combinations you have experienced. White Bunny bread with cold butter, hot french bread slathered with garlic, butter, and herbs and toasted, French toast.

Its a moment of reflection, clarity, and consideration, a chance to contemplate something so simple, yet so perfect, a chance to meditate.

And then get hammered tonight.