Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Take the tipsy pleasure of Christmas, the atmosphere of Jazz Fest, the excitement of the Super Bowl, and the hooky vibe of Mardi Gras, throw it in a barrel and what do you get? The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience. NOWFE is the single best event in New Orleans. Why? Well for one, a lot of the events have booze. Secondly, they are usually indoors. Thirdly, the munchies are beyond reproach. And finally, it has never once let us down unlike the "Boy Bands of the 80's, 90s, and Today" Box Set we ordered with our ad revenue.

Here is a run-down of some of the things we are looking forward to:

Tonight is the 2009 Blackened Out Official State Dinner at La Cote. It is going to be hot with multiple "t's" in the parlance of Paris Hilton. Other dinners which look awesome are Wolfe's, Melange, and MiLa. If you go to one, we would love to hear your report for a Guest Thursdays. This goes for you Baton Moulin Rougeans attending Juban's tonight as well.

Thursday is the Royal Street Stroll, which is always a good way to enjoy artful canvases and wine. If you ball like The Pope, the FEASTival will probably dominate your Thursday night and Friday morning.

Friday is seminar and Grand Tasting Day. "Eat like a Pig" with Donald Link will most certainly kick pork butt, while fellow foodie Lorin Gaudin pairs port and pastry.

The Grand Tastings, both on Friday night and Saturday morning, will fill your appetite for both wine and food.

If you like food or wine or both, you really owe it to yourself to check out NOWFE. You will love it. Listen, I hate to lecture but take out your pen and paper. First off, we are approaching a three day weekend. So along with that new Affliction shirt your mom got you, it is the best present you will get this year. You have an extra day to recover and grill out. Which brings me to my next point.

Chances are you will see meat meet flame this weekend somewhere. Rather than show up with some watered down American lamer lager, go to NOWFE, try something different, and bring that to Uncle Al's. Believe it or not wine does go with barbecue, especially a rosé. Either he will run you out his backyard or you will be greeted as a liberator. No downside there.

And come on, it's not like you have anything better to do. You aren't studying for the same test given every year with an answer key.

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Peter said...

"You aren't studying for the same test given every year with an answer key."

I hope that it's this easy.