Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guest Blogger: The Xainey

Our first entry into the 2009 Blackened Out Guest Blogging Thursdays Cause Peter is Busy Taking the Bar Exam Seriously Competition (BOGBTCPIBTTBESC) comes from Dr. Xainey. Here, Dr. Xainey submits his recipe for his take on Tommy's Fish Capri. Remember whichever article gets the most hits wins, so if you like it get others to visit.

Inspiration for Mother's Day

One of the things that makes or breaks many of the restaurants in New Orleans is what they are able to do with the fresh local seafood. In such a great area, we have access to some of the freshest and tastiest fish in the world. One of the most common things restaurants do is a pan sautéed fish which is then served with various sauces (beurre blanc, Meuniere etc), fresh veggies, lump crabmeat, etc.

Tommy’s is one of my mom’s favorite places to eat as she is a huge fan of the Fish Capri. The fish is pan sautéed then topped with crabmeat, crawfish, capers, artichokes in a beurre blanc sauce. Since I am unable to cook for the family on mother’s day this year (on call in Houma – thanks Chabert), I had the family over for dinner and used this recipe as my inspiration for the evening.

Started off with some bruschetta. Quick, simple, and just about always impresses. Start with some crostini, top with a slice of pepperoni, mozzarella, roma tomato, olive oil; 400° for 10 minutes. Try not to fill up on it.
While you’re prepping those tiny pieces of bread, stick some asparagus in that oven and roast them. When done, cool, wrap the bundles in prosciutto, add a green onion knot for stability. Pop back in for a bit before serving.

I had a tough decision on which seafood to throw on top the fish, but I decided on some local shrimp. Onion, celery, and bell pepper into pan; garlic, then the shrimp. White wine and butter until you have the consistency you want. Toss in the capers.
Under the fish, stick some vegetables. Mushrooms, artichokes, and baby spinach into a pan – 5 minutes and you’ve got the base.
I had some trouble finding the right fish to be the center of this dish. Between the feds and intern year, its damn near impossible to get any snapper. Also my year hasn’t been amenable to dropping everything and going fishing (my freezer is suffering), so I had to hit the store. After too much shopping around - found some nice drum fillets, giggity. Little flour, sauté.

Plate it up – veggies, fish, shrimp sauce on top. Asparagus on the side.
Served it with a 2007 Valley of the Moon Chardonnay; or since parts of my fam only drink red, they brought a 2007 Cakebread Cabernet – I didn’t complain.

Result – Family impressed

Total kitchen time – 1.5 hrs

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