Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tales of the Cocktail Heads Up

Begins July 16th. Information and tickets available here. This festival presents a wonderful opportunity to learn about the drink which New Orleans birthed forth upon an unsuspecting world. In fact one could make the argument in one paragraph that our nation's organized crime "dillema" can be blamed on one man: Antoine Peychaud. And here is how I got there.

Before Mr. Peychaud began mixing cocktails in his coquetiers, hard alcohol consumption claimed frontiersmen, moonshiners, and a few other rascally individuals as its devotees. Mr. Peychaud made these lickers potable, this in turn increased American's desire for the hooch. The same people who today want you to stop driving cars and stop using paper bags to make groceries, 100 years ago fought against the proliferation of the abomination of American Society at the hands of booze. Hence, a little experiment known as prohibition gave birth to network of criminals, bath tub gin men, and desirous consumers. When booze became legal again, the Mafia decided to expand into drugs, organized labor, waste management, and other lucrative businesses. So thanks to Mr. Peychaud (perhaps the first crooked pharmacist), we got the Mafia.

The above is by no means factually, historically, or grammatically correct.

Also, on July 17th the Second of this Summer's Blackened Out State Dinners will take place at one of the Spirited Dinners. Location to be revealed soon. To register you have to buy tickets online to the event. That serves both as your payment and reservation. We have a full agenda, so take good notes. Cougars who unknowingly or knowingly reveal their bosoms are always appreciated, welcomed, and enjoyed.

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