Thursday, June 12, 2008

For Lunch Today...

Small cafes and sandwich shops tucked away on the side streets of the CBD have always been a haven for those in search of a quick lunch on a budget. Unfortunately, our favorite lunch spots frequently close after only a few years or even months because it is so difficult to operate a profitable restaurant without dinner service (though some, such as the Commerce Restaurant, have endured). On the flip side, there always seems to be budding restaurateurs waiting in the wings to take over the vacant spaces of those that have tried and failed before them.

The Store is hidden away in the 800 block of Gravier Street just a few doors down from the more well known Steve's Diner. This sandwich shop is owned and operated by a young entrepreneur who was also an acquaintance of your bloggers in high school. Every day he there running the register, making fresh salads, delivering orders, or wiping down tables. With an owner that hands-on, you know that he is making sure that everything is up to his specifications.

The most popular item on the menu is the South Carolina style pulled pork sandwich, but the pressed turkey and brie might be favorite sandwich on the menu. Sandwiches come served with your choice of remoulade slaw, green onion potato salad, or sweet potato fries. The salads are also very good, which I attest to the fact that they are made with a spring mix as opposed to iceberg. The chopped cobb or the candied pecan and goat cheese are both solid choices.

The Store: birdie as a great lunch spot downtown.

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Rene said...

Grabbed a Hearts of Palm salad from there the other day. Julienned Hearts of palm, sundried tomatoes, blue cheese, iceberg, and a citrus vinaigrette. Bacon would have sent it over the top as one of the best salads in my life. But Bacon would have also contributed to my Pope esque cholesterol level.

The Store won't change your life, but it just may change your day.