Friday, April 29, 2011

The Gospel According to OffBeat

Jazz Fest 2011 officially kicks off today, and as the throngs pass through the entrance gate, the most seasoned veterans will be sure to grab a copy of the Jazz Fest Bible, which is as quintessential to Jazz Fest as sunscreen and a contraband bottle of vodka to spike your mango freeze. In addition to the low down all of artists, stage schedules, and editors' picks, you can read Rene's little diddy on how the Jazz Fest seafood vendors are still going strong one year after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

And if for some reason you're still hungry after you leave the Fair Grounds, those willing to brave the crowds can swing by Cafe Degas, which coincidentally is the subject of our Dining Out column in this month's issue of OffBeat. With weather like it is today, a seat in the open air dining room may be worth the wait.

Have a great weekend.

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S said...

I'll be sure grab a copy of the Jazz Fest Bible. P.S. The food at Cafe Degas is great, but be careful with the French onion soup. If the entire thick layer of cheese on top cools and sticks to your soup spoon, you may find yourself at a messy crossroads...quit or barrel ahead? But maybe it was just me.