Monday, April 4, 2011

French Quarter Fest

Photo courtesy of Margot Landen
French Quarter Fest is only a few days away, which means there is still time to sign up as a volunteer for what continues to be a fantastic free showcase of Louisiana artists. The festival lineup looks good as always, and with the added Locals Lagniappe Day on Thursday, organizers have offered a welcome gesture to the locals who feel that their little secret has gone mainstream.

Just as there is an art to "doing Mardi Gras," the popularity of French Quarter Fest has necessitated a plan of attack. Luckily, our friends He Said and She Said, themselves residents of the Vieux Carre, have put their neighborhhood knowledge to good use by authoring their French Quarter Fest Better guides to traveling, eating, and listening your way through this 4 day festival.

Speaking of food, check out this month's OffBeat Magazine for my little writeup on Muriel's, whose crawfish and goat cheese crepes have caused a bottleneck around Jackson Square since 2002.

Whether it's grilled chicken livers, a hot sausage po-boy, or pork and shrimp springrolls, if you're like us then French Quarter Fest is as much about the food as it is about the music. There is so much to eat and only one stomach to fill, so let us know if there are any great dishes out there that we are missing. I just need to make sure to save room for Flour Power for dessert.

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