Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crawfishing for a Good Cause

It is approximately April, and somehow we have neglected to mention crawfish once this spring. Let's not get into a debate about how to boil crawfish as we will be here all day. I am going to throw this out there though, bringing a huge pot of water to boil, throwing in crawfish for 5 minutes, and then killing the heat is incredibly inefficient. Be on the lookout next week for another way to do it.

Now on to more pertinent matters. Crawfish boils in South Louisiana are much more than just opportunities to drink beer and watch heat interact with water. Crawfish boils are an opportunity to get together with family, friends, and friends who feel like family to conversate, catch up, tell jokes, in short to behave like civilized human beings. As simple as they may be, crawfish boils are an important cultural touchstone, one that unlike potholes and corrupt government happens to be delicious.

Which is why you should clear some time next Saturday to head to the corner of Carrollton and Banks to help support the The Drew Rodrigue Foundation. There on the Avenue of Champions from 12-5, they will host their second annual crawfish boil cook off. The foundation does a great job raising money and having fun. Two things which go just about perfectly with crawfish. Info below and we hope to see you there.

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Jerry said...

Have you seen,(better yet tasted) the trailer mounted crawfish boil rig parked in front of Yo' Mama's