Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl of Cheese

On this Sunday, the most exhaulted victory will not be won on the field at JerryWorld but instead on countertops and coffee tables around the city. The menus for Super Bowl parties run the gamut from pizza and chicken wings to charbroiled oysters and gumbo. But when it comes to cheese and crackers, a deep divide exists as to what local cult favorite you should serve.

We're here to answer that question once and for all. Allow me to introduce the two cheeses that will battle it out for Super Bowl Sunday glory.

Better Cheddar
  • Made By -  Langenstein's
  • Ingredients - White Cheddar Cheese, Mayo, Walnuts & Seasonings
  • Cost - $8.99/lb
  • Texture - The cheese is ground, which produces a dense but still creamy spread. Nuts are more noticeable than in its competitor.
  • Overall - Classic and delicious.

Thunder Cheese
  • Made By - Canseco's
  • Ingredients - None listed, but upon further examination we see white and cheddar cheese, presumably mayo, nuts, and green onions
  • Cost - $6.99/lb
  • Texture - The cheese is finely shredded, so the spread is lighter than Better Cheddar and easily scooped with chips or crackers. The ratio of mayo to cheese also seems to be higher.
  • Overall - New kid on the block makes you think that it may be time for a change.
And the Winner is...

You tell us. We didn't put up the poll in the lefthand corner for nothing.


flojindamesa said...

I almost stopped reading this post halfway through because I've always been afraid of finding out what exactly is in these bizarre prepared cheese dips people bring to bbqs.

Anonymous said...

Thunder Cheese is Better Cheddar on steroids.

jeffrey said...

FYI A version of "Better Cheddar" is also available at Breaux Mart