Friday, January 7, 2011

Shameless Shilling Alert

If studying the success of Al Copeland and Joe Francis taught us anything, it is that no one is going to promote you if you don't do it yourself. Don King didn't make all that money by keeping his mouth shut. Consider this a shameless shill for us. WE NEED YOUR VOTES!

There are many things we aren't fond of here at the Blackened Out Thrift Store, Notarial Archives and Seafaring Insurance Company. One thing we don't like is the color teal. Two others are hunger and losing. As you may have seen, we are currently embroiled in a vicious battle with other local food bloggers in the Langenstein's Blog Wars. Now, there have been many great wars: The Punic, 1812, World, and Brandy/Monica come to mind. But name us a more intense brand of warfare than 4 bloggers submitting recipes?

Peter has sharpened his bow staff and Rene's grenade launcher is locked and loaded like Bloggle the day before he went all vegan.We aren't saying we have ever cut a snitch. But we would. So vote for us. Save the world, stop hunger, and just vote Blackened Out. Don't forget, we have your IP addresses, we know where you live, and we will hunt you down like cattle, and we will gut you.

In all seriousness. Go to the website and vote for your favorite blogger. Since Robert Peyton is not participating, that would have to be us by default right?


Mark said...

Done sirs!

Jeanne said...

Where is the recipe for the chicken thighs? It sounds great!

Jennifer said...

You have my vote just for including that classic screencap.

Rene said...


I have no idea why the recipes arent included on the actual contest website, but I merely submitted. I'll put it up sometime soon. Its real simple though.

frog said...

Brandy/Monica? What the hell is that?

fmcgmccllc said...

chicken thighs are one of the few food I can find in China, please put up the recipe.

Voted for you!