Friday, January 14, 2011

Restaurant Madrid

In this month's issue of OffBeat, we take a look at Restaurant Madrid. Located in a building that once housed one of the many mini-marts that would sell us beer during high school, Madrid offers a taste of Spain from the idyllic comforts of Lakeview. Our assessment of Madrid is much in line with our general opinion on Spanish food in New Orleans - for best results, stick with the tapas/appetizers. A thick, custardy torta, a bowl of lamb meatballs fragrant with mint, and a BYO bottle of Vina Tondonia makes for a nice meal at Madrid. Check out our full review by clicking here.

We usually like to include a picture with our OffBeat articles, but the low lighting at Restaurant Madrid does not present the most opportune setting for food photography. So instead we offer you a picture from Peter's summer excursion with The Pope to the City of Madrid back in 2009.* That's La Papa there on the left in Plaza Mayor. His identity has been protected by a plate of jamon, which was omnipresent at the table during their Iberian adventure.
And as you can see from the photo, The Pope has not matured much since our days in high school when we had no choice but to buy beer from the mini-mart.

* To read more about their musings in Madrid, Porto, Lagos, and Lisbon, click here.


Becky said...

I LOVE this restaurant, half because of the food and half because of the no corkage BYOB policy. The Castillian soup, gazpacho and tomato bread are excellent in addition to the dishes you mentioned. It's a perfect place to keep in mind for post-Jazz Fest eats, as long as the A/C is working. Grab your booze at Dorignac's or Rouses on Vets.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I hadn't realized y'all are connected to Offbeat.

Peter said...


Apparently we missed the boat on the tomato bread, because you and about 100 other people have told us how good it is. That Castillian soup is excellent though.


Yep, we have been writing the Dining Out column in OffBeat since (I think) September 2008. We try to link back to every one of our OffBeat articles, but sometimes we forget.

Anonymous said...

This restaurant plum sucks...