Friday, December 3, 2010

Taceaux Loceaux

Welcome to what might be my favorite taco purveyor in the city.  Taceaux Loceaux is the creation of Alex and Maribeth del Castillo, the better half* of whom first crossed our radar back after tasting her incredible hand pies at the now shuttered Fuel Cafe.**  Apparently the del Castillos' culinary talents extend beyond baking, because the couple is slinging some might fine tacos from this big white truck.

These are not your ordinary tacos, whether your barometer is Taco Bell or Taco San Miguel.  For me at least, what sets these tacos apart are the loads of fresh herbs and thinly sliced radishes which adorn each tortilla.  The names are pretty clever too, such as the "Messin' with Texas" filled with shreds of brisket, cabbage, cilantro, radishes, and crema.  Or the "Carnital Knowledge" featuring pork, all of the above vegetation, and a squiggle of chipotle aioli.  The "All Hat No Cattle" may be vegetarian, but the the taste is still meaty goodness.  And lastly, underneath each order of tacos is a hidden treasure of thinly sliced, spicy pickled carrots.

Tacos are served two per order and cost at most $7.  You can usually find Taceaux Loceaux setup outside Dos Jefes on Tchoupitoulas, but other locations include 45 Tchoup and The Kingpin.  The best way to track them down is by following their twitter feed.  They even have to go boxes for those of us who may not be up for a night on the town but still want to eat as if we were.

Taceaux Loceaux - Birdie

* This is no knock on Alex, but in case you didn't know, the "better half" of a couple is always the woman. Unless there are two of them, in which case it's best to avoid using such terms for fear of having both turn on you and each other.

** Even though Maribeth left Fuel before it closed, you can still order her handpies through her personal venture called Betty's Bake Shop.


Anonymous said...

thank you!!! i usually drive around to their usual spots to find them. i had no idea they were on twitter.
best truck in town. :)

Peter said...

I really wanted to like their product, but their spices overwhelmed what I'm sure is an otherwise awesome taco. Bogey for me.

Anonymous said...

peter- i agree with you. but.. when it's late at night and you're looking for some grub (after a few Abita's) it hits the spot.

i just found them on facebook as well. cool.
between twitter and facebook, my stalking won't eat up as much gas.

Anonymous said...

one time, i ate a muffin from fuel. then, i never went back again. when did they close down? what's there now?

Peter said...


Not sure exactly when Fuel closed, but Surrey's has since taken over the building as an additional location.

Alex del Castillo said...

@Peter, sorry you didn't like it, was that the Andouille? We don't call it Aieee!!! for nothing. I usually make a point of warning folks re that one. At any rate, you can have them any way you want them. We actually cook, so it is no big deal to special order.

@anon, if your muffin at FUEL was not good, it probably was not one of MB's. That place...well it was a learning experience.

Peter said...

Alex - thanks for the insight - I will definitely try y'all again soon