Monday, December 20, 2010


Photo courtesy of Noteworthy in NOLA.

New Orleans has many local traditions, but none are more linked with the holiday season than the Reveillon celebration. Rooted in French Catholicism, the Reveillon is traditionally a meal taken early on Christmas morning after midnight mass. Because Christmas Eve was a day of fasting, the Reveillon was an extravagant and luxurious feast.

Today, one need not keep a vigil till the wee morning hours of Christmas in order to take part in a Reveillon celebration. In conjunction with the "Christmas in New Orleans" campaign, local restaurants now serve a Reveillon menu for the entire month of December and into the first few days of the new year. A full list of participating restaurants with Reveillon menus can be found here.

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Shelly said...

Last year I really enjoyed the Reveillon dinner at Bourbon house and this year I'm going to Upperline. Anything that involves fine dining rapidly becomes my favorite holiday tradition. :)