Monday, December 13, 2010

Bar Hoppin'

The above image has undoubtedly popped up in your inbox at least once over the last few weeks. "Where to Drink in New Orleans" is the creation of Ian and Gen, and their little watering hole guide has become the fortune teller for adults looking for the perfect pint or an expertly mixed Manhattan. And not to be mired in exclusivity, the guide even gives advice for douchebags from Metairie/Kenner who don't have drugs to sell.

New Orleans is a city filled with bars - bars where everybody knows your name and bars where you go simply for the reason that nobody knows your name or wants to know your name. I'm not sure if there has ever been an accurate count of all of the bars in the greater New Orleans area, but I would guesstimate that including every one on the above graphic would be an impossible task.

Still, the first question that pops into most people's minds is: "Why didn't they include ________?" Personally, I am shocked that both the Goldmine nor F&M's were left off the map. If you were designing a guide to drinking in New Orleans, which bars would you make sure to include? If you don't want to disclose any of your off the radar spots for fear they will become overrun with outsiders, I understand your hesitation. I remember how much fun Hyde Park Corner was before they started playing "Back That Ass Up" every half hour.

Coincidentally, it has come to our attention that a revised version of the drinking guide is currently in the works and that this new version will include both updated content and a few graphic design tweaks. For more information on ordering prints of the New Orleans Drinking Guide, send an email to wheretogetdrinks at gmail dot com.

Bottoms up.


Anonymous said...

Snake & Jake's?

I've always been annoyed at all the hate for all the areas outside of New Orleans city limits. Sure, Metairie can be generally lame, but it still has some great eating and drinking spots. Pho Orchid and Drago's come to mind.

Hell, I still go across the lake sometimes just to go to The Barley Oak. No beer house in New Orleans can top their selection and atmosphere, although a few come close. That porch on the lake is hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

The Red Eye aka The Mecca was left off too...

Anonymous said...

I do love me some Red Eye. It's my go-to place for hanging out before shows at the Republic.

Rene said...

Interesting that all the fans of the Red Eye are anonymous.

First anonymous, I grew up in the OM so trust me I don't hate on the extremities of the 504. Also, the Barley Oak does rock.

Awren said...

As a High School Student with taste, I must say that Tuck's is the bane of my existence as an educated human being.

But this thing is pretty funny.

Jody said...

I was one of the accounts on Gawker that got hacked, so I had to change quite a few web site passwords last night. Luckily at some point I had the sense to make my more sensitive web account passwords all different from the ones I use casually on the web, but it still makes me want to be a little more cautious.