Friday, December 10, 2010

Kiddie Korner

From Mike S. "You guys make me wish I was twenty something with no kids again. Alas, I am not. Any ideas for kid friendly events and/or restaurants."


Let me speak from experience. I have two nephews who seem to enjoy spending limited amounts of time with their "Truckhead Fartface" in highly controlled settings, so I know all about dealing with kids. One time I took them to Daneel Park and then to Sucre for gelato, cakes, and other sugary things. This was at 10 in the morning. So consider that a great idea.

I don't know if your kids like Christmas, but they should. If so the Marine Forces Band of New Orleans is putting on a Christmas music concert tonight at the Alario Center. The suggested admission fee is an unopened, new Christmas gift. So you can kill a few birds here. One the men and women of America's finest fighting force can entertain them with songs about Jolly Ole St. Nick. Second you can teach them the value of giving to the less fortunate.

But thirdly, you aren't very far from Hong Kong Market. I would suggest heading there before the concert. Let them roam the aisles checking out all the cool products like that jar of something over there. They can watch fish swim in huge tanks and take a gander at crispy skinned bbqed ducks. Then on the way out swing by the pho shop and get them a bowl of soup. What kid doesn't like soup? Make sure to stop by the bubble tea store and grab them a bubble tea. Because no kid friendly night out should be devoid of something sugary, right?


k jane said...

Hong Kong Market here I come...

Anonymous said...

get them a durian