Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who Dat

Before your eyes is $7.29 worth of World Champion flavored frozen yogurt. The mythical "Who Dat" flavor has been featured at Pure Yogurt Culture on Hampson since it opened in late April. After sampling almost the entire spectrum of flavors at Pure along with a number of different combinations of toppings from the self service bar, I have concluded that my favorite frozen yogurt treat is the simplest: a gigantic cup of Who Dat with no toppings at all.

Just call me low maintenance.

But exactly what ingredient(s) make(s) up this lavendar colored Who Dat flavor is a mystery to everyone but Pure Yogurt Culture owner Herbert Leyton. Whenever I swing by for a cup and Herbert is there, an inquisition usually ensues:

Peter: Is it grape?
Herbert: No.
Peter: Blueberry?
Herbert: No.
Peter: Mixed berry?
Herbert: No.
Peter: Muscadine?
Herbert: No.
Peter: Shockey juice?
Herbert: No.
Peter: Dome foam?
Herbert: Hahaha... no.

Perhaps, much like the list of intangibles that make up a World Champion football team, the Who Dat flavor is undefinable. But no matter what the ingredients, the end result tastes like success.

Repeat Dat 2010.


n3rdw0p said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but it's taro flavored and combined with fruity pebbles its magnificent

Brandon said...

Its pomegranate....Go to Pinkberry and get the pomegranate and it tasetes the exact same

Rene said...

Our first comment throw down!

NOJuju said...

Now, I need yogurt. WHO DAT!

Anonymous said...

It is most definitely Taro. Ya know...sweet Asian purple yams. Why else would it be that color? It's delicious.

Rémy said...

It is definitely taro- if it was pomegranate, they'd just call it that and not give it a vague name. Call me crazy, but it also tastes ever so slightly like tapioca.

Jones said...

I ran the gamut of different ingredients by Herb & his no avail. They wouldn't crack. From Peruvian Purple potatoes to acai berries, I was batting .000. Finally, after many months of "research", someone told be about taro & poi. I shared the secret with only my wife & returned with a grin on my face. While I will admit the mystery brings a tad bit more appeal, it is still damn good yogurt. I've encoraged him to do another mystery flavor, but the only catch is that he must keep the who dat on the menu...

Anonymous said...

definitely taro 100%!