Friday, September 3, 2010

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

We are both recovering from the Hogs for the Cause 90210 bonanza last night, so today's post will be short and sweet. Plus, with a three day weekend staring us all in the face, chances are that your minds are already on the beach, at the Flora-Bama, in Atlanta cheering on the Tigers, or simply on the couch relaxing in peace. We don't want to disturb you.

Thanks to the support of our readers, Blackened Out once again made this year's Best of New Orleans list, placing 3rd in the category of "Best Local Blog." Even though we dropped down a notch after placing 2nd last year, we are still proud to play 3rd fiddle to Lorin Gaudin and (But is a newspaper really a blog?) And not only did we place in a category, but the Gambit writers also gave us a shout out in their list of 10 local blogs to read, making a special note of our "sassy opinions and mouthwatering photos." You can see the full list by clicking here, and going to Page 20. Special nod of wassup to, NOLA Notes.

And speaking of Lorin Gaudin, we have teamed up with this year's best local blogger to record an internet radio show called Table Talk, where we discuss (you guessed it) New Orleans restaurants and food. You can listen to last week's show on, and lookout for another show in the coming days. If you have any suggestions for topics for us to discuss, shoot us an email at blackenedout at gmail dot com or leave them in the comments.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

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MaryMagdalene said...

I am so proud. what's next... Fox News? Huffington Post. I knew you both when.