Friday, March 28, 2008

Lunch Today....

Chances are you are going somewhere after work today. The Hornets are in town and there is a whole slate of college basketball games on today. Plus, weather wise New Orleans has no equal this time of year. So walk down to the Quarter. For lunch today, Mr. B's Bistro would hit the spot. Since it is a Friday, the $1.50 cocktail specials (Bloody Mary, Martini, and Mother's Ruin Punch) would operate the leadoff position. As you glance over the menu, I am positive you will eat roughly 3-4 loaves of hot, crusty French Bread.

Mr. B's has some great appetizers; however, no trip to this comfortable Gentleman's Club-esque bistro, would be complete without a bowl of Gumbo Ya-Ya. Plus the nice weather right now means the heat is coming. And you can't very well eat a bowl of hot, hearty gumbo in 95 degree heat, can you?

If Chicken Pontalba is on the menu get it. That is chicken breast with its crispy skin intact, over brabant potatoes and ham topped with hollandaise. If not, pick something else: Barbecue shrimp, pasta specialties, a really good looking burger.

This way you can eat enough at lunch today, so that you can skip dinner tonight and not feel too bad about it. For late night eats, if you are down in the Warehouse District, I'd swing by Cochon. Anywhere else, good luck; the Dough Bowl near The Boot is open late.

Note: If you would like to impress someone today. Let them know that the word Bistro is actually a Russian word meaning "quick". At one point, and let's be honest it happens a lot, Paris was overrun with Russian troops. After drinking the troops would want quick, fast food and would run through the streets shouting, "Bistro, Bistro." Sound familiar? You learn something new everyday.

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