Monday, March 31, 2008

Donald Link: "Veganism is a Calling"

Donald Link a chef known for brilliant porkographic palate pleasing preparations, fried egg topped pasta, and delightful dairy infused desserts has become an avowed Vegan. "Some people have callings, to me Veganism is a calling. I can no longer hide my love for clean living and my hatred of all products which even look at animals," announced Chef Link yesterday.

Both Herbsaint and Cochon have been purged of all animal products. Chef Link removed all pork, beef, fish, eggs, butter, chicken, and even three waiters who have dogs from the premises. In fact the holistic healer and Vegan preacher Shiva Rabbi Maui Al-Hak Bar O'Flannery came in and performed a ritualized cleansing and purification of both restaurants.

Early experiments in Vegan cooking have uncovered a softer more refined food from both kitchens. In one preparation, mustard greens are cooked for up to 5 hours in little more than olive oil, salt, pepper, and wheat germ in Cochon's cavernous ovens. What results is a meltingly tender, full-flavored hearty vegan dish, with non of the guilt associated with non-Vegan eating.

"Do you realize for every animal raised to feed one person, seventeen acres of Mt. Everest disappears into the Indian Ocean? And the Polar Ice caps, don't get me started. Have you ever seen a fish swimming in the ocean, how gross is that?" ranted Link.

"I can no longer continue to leave a ginormous carbon footprint. From now on I will only fly in vegetables, oats, and wheat germ if it is out of season in New Orleans," Link announced.

As for Chef Link's plans to open a salumi and wine bar, those plans are still on. "You'd be amazed at what a person can accomplish with Xanthum Gum, Mung Beans, MSG, and Chervil," remarked Link.

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