Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boudin and Beer Giveaway

As we mentioned last week, Emeril Lagasse brings his traveling trope of toques into town this weekend for his Carnivale du Vin charity event. While the main event - a black tie Gala, Dinner, and Wine Auction - is out of our price range, there is a more accessible and casual event Friday night called Boudin & Beer. We are fairly certain you can figure out what the event entails. The other day, Alon Shaya refused to reveal what sort of goodies he had in store for Boudin & Beer. You should take this to mean, Boudin & Beer will be one of the best grazing events of the eating season. Plus, all the Abita you can drink.

In honor of someone else figuring out the unbeatable combination of pork, beer, and music is one hell of a good way to raise money, we are giving away two (2) tickets to the event. Also, if you go to Boudin & Beer we will gladly point out Robert Peyton to you, so you know who to avoid. We bantered about a few contest ideas. First, we thought, "Why not do boudin trivia?" But the only trivia questions we could come up with all had the same answers: pork liver, rice, beer. Then we thought about doing one of those cute Twitter hashtag things like adding "with boudin" to the end of a movie title. We nixed that idea after we figured out the best answer was going to be "Riding in Cars With Boys With Boudin."

So we decided to challenge your tenth grade English self. In order to win the two tickets to Boudin & Beer, we want your best Boudin Haiku. You remember those, right? 3 lines of poetry; the first and third with 5 syllables and the second with 7. You can leave your haikus in the comments, tweet them to us, or send them by email. The best one wins. Enjoy.

Delicious photos courtesy of renee b. aka Peanut.


pmac said...

Links or balls, eat all
Spicy morsels of goodness
Bring a smile to y’all

Greg said...

Carnivorous treat
Delectable temptation,
How much shall I eat?

Meghan said...

My stomach growls loud
I want spicy pig in links
Ooo eee yum yum good

John said...

Boudin, Beer, Boudin
I want to stuff my face with
Boudin, Beer, Boudin

Quinn and/or Andy said...

Our porcine cousin
With intentions delicious
lovingly nurtured

Pervez said...

Even the squeamish
Know how best to eat boudin
Squeeze it like toothpaste!

Corinne Levy said...
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Anonymous said...

Avoid the Clap
Case the meat and social lube
you ribald Tybald

Adam said...

Boudin Blanc and Beer

Ground, stuffed, fried, steamed, smoked and grilled,

Who Dat Country love

Joshua said...

Here, piggy piggy
You taste like heaven to me
Boudin afterlife

Lisa E said...

Pork, rice, liver, heat
French, Italians, Cajuns all
Love their Boudin treats

Anonymous said...

Encased in shroud and spice
Entices Boudin to revel, honor, savor deep
Eternal love for swine sweet

RBPoBoy said...

Oh-Five Boudin Bliss
An exile in Baton Rouge
Jerry Lee’s Kwik Shop

Mel said...

Rice and pork stuffed links
From the bayou to N'awlins
Sausage of the gods

crack said...

Transcendent food bite
Your rice and liver shine bright
Beer will pair just right

ND said...

Best grilled and not boiled,
Don's Specialty Meats' treasure,
Porcine orgasm.

diekh03 said...

Ann Rice writes about vampires
But it should have been
Interview with a Boudin

BCB said...

Em'Rils Hot Boudin,
Cold Abita and Couscous,
Dem Tigahs Push Push

Leith E said...

Pure pork poetry
Sublime union, pig, rice, spice
Squeezable love tube

Blair said...

out of gas and cash
boudin or fuel at station?
need pork, walking home

Daniel said...

"You want some boudin?"
The cajun one row back asks.
- Death Valley in fall.

Robert said...

Fuck you, you little
Piss-ants. I will eat your souls
with tasso and ham.

What do I win?

BW said...

Liver and onions
Jealous of snappy casing,
Plate sprawls like Houston.

New Basin said...

nola friday night
hot boudin; abita brew
it's a dream come true

nolachigrl said...

What do you think:

3 Petit Cochons:

Hay won't aid Boudin
Sticks don't enrich a brew
Brick House wins for both

17db42b6-0bbc-11e1-8c9e-000bcdcb2996 said...


screw lo cal lo carb
smush that gooey meat rice out
pork dont need no fork


westerwoman said...


screw lo cal lo carb
smush that gooey meat rice out
pork dont need no fork


by: Jennie Westerman