Monday, November 1, 2010

Sorry, We're Closed

Orleans Parish Civil District Court and the 24th JDC in Jefferson are both closed today in honor of All Saints Day. In my world, closings such as these are those little surprises that creep up on you at the worst possible moment, similar to needing a cashier's check on Columbus Day or a letter postmarked on Veterans Day (FYI, November 11th).

Sometimes unconventional restaurant closings can pull the sneak attack as well. How often have you had a roast beef craving only Parkway Bakery can satisfy, just to turn the corner on Hagan Avenue and realize that it's Tuesday? The disappointment is nothing short of being a Cowboys fan this year.

To save you from dining dismay, your friends at Blackened Out have compiled a list of restaurants that are closed on odd days. Sunday and Monday closings have been excluded, as those are most common, but we can amend the list if you readers deem it useful. Lastly, we are not perfect, so let us know in the comments what odd closings that we have forgotten about.
  • 9 Roses - Closed all day Wednesday
  • Betsy's Pancake House - Closed all day Saturday
  • Bistro at Maison de Ville - Closed all day Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Bon Ton Cafe - Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • Cafe Degas - Closed all day Tuesday
  • Casablanca - Closed all day Saturday
  • Casamento's - Closed all day Sunday and Monday; also Tuesday and Wednesday nights
  • Crescent Pie & Sausage Co. - Closed all day Tuesday
  • Domilise's - Closed all day Thursday
  • Green Goddess - Closed for Tuesday lunch; also Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights
  • Iris - Closed all day Tuesday
  • Kosher Cajun New York Deli - Closed all day Saturday
  • Moon Wok - Closed all day Wednesday
  • Oak Street Cafe - Closed all day Tuesday
  • Parkway Bakery - Closed all day Tuesday
  • Pho Tau Bay - Closed all day Thursday
  • R&O - Closed Tuesday night
  • Tan Dinh - Closed all day Tuesday
  • Venezia - Closed all day Monday and Tuesday
One final note. In planning his culinary itinerary for an upcoming trip to Paris, Rene discovered that Pierre Gagnaire, one of his top choices for a blowout dinner, is closed on (of all days) Saturday. I guess if the food is that good, diners don't complain about working around a chef's preferred schedule.


Anonymous said...

Bestys's Pancake House is closed all day on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Oak St. Cafe is closed all day on Tuesday.

jshushan said...

Cafe Degas is dark on Tuesdays. JMS

jeffrey said...

Also everyone should please be mindful of the posted hours at Daigle's Grocery in Algiers Point.

I've taken the liberty of Googling up a helpful photo.

Peter said...

Thanks for the help, everyone.

Great picture, Jeffrey.

Anonymous said...

Stein's Deli is closed on Mondays

$1.25 said...

Venezia's is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Anonymous said...

It's not that out of the ordinary for restaurants in Paris to be closed on Saturday and Sunday. It's more of a cultural difference. People go out to eat more during the week and the restaurants rely on locals and business people. The chefs and their staff want their weekends to catch up with family and fiends.

Becky said...

Small clarification - Green Goddess is open for lunch everyday but Tuesday.

Moon Wok is closed on Wednesday.

Bon Ton is closed on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Casamento's is closed on Mondays and possibly Tuesdays (and pretty much any other random day they don't feel like opening).

Megan said...

Such a good post topic. It was much to my dismay when, craving the spicy shrimp poboy at Domilises, I discovered that they were CLOSED on Thursdays.