Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feed Your Aura

The appetizer platter at Fatoush. Photo by renee b. photography.
Whenever I overhear someone discussing their cosmic energy, I am reminded of an anecdote from my sister's apartment search when she first moved to NYC. The Parisian Princess must have answered every Craigslist ad for roommates wanted, and she was introduced to quite a cross section of Manhattan crazies. But her most memorable prospect was a middle-aged, sari-clad Caucasian woman in Greenwich Village. After a five minute meeting and quick tour of the apartment, she told the Parisian Princess: "I really dig your aura. When can you move in?"

On my first visit to the New Orleans Healing Center, I half expected to see that same woman (or her local equivalent) offering discount directions to destiny or complimentary karmic cleansings. Instead, I found some of the best Middle Eastern food in the city and received renewed faith in my belief that the gyro can be something much more delicious than just a cheap lunch.

In the August issue of OffBeat Magazine, we review Fatoush, an organic restaurant which could easily convince a carnivore of the virtues of vegetarianism, if it were not for the fact that the kitchen does marvelous things with lamb. This is not your standard hummus joint - although the hummus is quite good, as is the atypical baba ghanoush (with a curious addition of diced tomato) and the white bean salad known as piyaz. Naturally raised, organic meats and breads baked in house are just a few of the other luxuries which come standard at Fatoush. Find out more in our Dining Out column.

Fatoush - Birdie
2372 St. Claude, Suite 130
(504) 371-5074


vicki said...

Try the lacmoncun and pides. Really authentic Istanbul flavor. We love this place and all the eggplant dishes as well.

Anonymous said...

read the review. so are you saying the gyro meat is not the same processed spits distributed by Kronos, etc? they deliver most of the nation's gyro meat. real spits of unprocessed meat are very rare.