Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camellia Grill: Is It Worth It?

Before New Orleans was a city filled with world class chefs, it was a city of waiters. In days passed restaurants were marked by the front of the house staff: the maitre'd, the waiters, and a bartender. These tireless warriors were more well known than even the executive chef. This is still true at the old grand dames in the French Quarter, where who your waiter is says more about you than your credit score. But those places aren't built for everyone or everyday. Camellia Grill is and your chose of waiter is of paramount importance.

For me, that means Marvelous Marvin, known to some as Word. Marvin has been serving me a cheeseburger with grilled onions, chili cheese fries, and a freeze for roughly two Mayan Glyphs. Regardless of the time, day, or level of sobriety, that is my order. Marvin holds court on stage left of this cinema verite, singing in food orders and offering Saints predictions, "We going 13-3 this year; only thing I worry about is when we get to the playoffs, and we have to beat the refs too. cause you know the Commish ain't looking for us to be inthe Super Bowl."

Camellia Grill is just a diner, but this is a good thing. You don't have to think to get a good omelet, a well-crafted waffle, or a club sandwich that puts the day after Thanksgiving to shame. Recently I made the switch from a chocolate shake to a vanilla one, and I suggest you do the same. A slice of pecan pie tossed on the grill and gilded with a scoop of vanilla ice cream manages to hover between the solid and liquid states of matter.

Sure, the fries are frozen and the sliced cheese is melted via the griddle, but the chili is chock full of read beans and soft ground meat. A few splashes of Tabasco help ramp up the flavor as well as giving you an excuse to give the fries a moment to cool down. The crowds grow for breakfast and the joint stays busy until around 3 p.m. But get their early and have a seat in front of Marvin. Don't worry you are in good hands.

Camellia Grill: Is It Worth It? Yes.
626 S. Carrollton Ave

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