Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Victory in 1812

Beetin the Lime at Victory.
The month of the cocktail was widely celebrated in the July issue of OffBeat Magazine.  In this month's Eats Review, we take a look at Victory, an under the radar CBD watering hole which delivers first class cocktails.

Daniel Victory made a name for himself mixing up drinks at the Ritz-Carlton before opening his eponymous cocktail lounge with co-proprietor Andrew Emery. Victory sits on a lackluster block of Baronne Street just a few steps from office towers filled with thousands of cubicle dwellers who are in great need of an evening cordial to help wind down after the office grind. Cocktails at Victory begin with a complimentary tasting of the daily special, which on multiple occasions was so enjoyable that I ordered the same for my second and third rounds. The barkeeps are adept at attaining balance in a glass, and trusting their abilities is a sure path to refreshment. Read more about Victory in our full Eats Review online.

Two hundred years ago this past April, Louisiana was granted statehood. Ever wonder what life in New Orleans was like in 1812? The prospect of a hot July day without air conditioning is enough historical reenactment to dismiss any visions of grandeur from my mind. But forever the optimist, Rene instead looks at the glass half full (only because he drank the other half) by embarking on an examination of what drinks New Orleanians toasted with 200 years ago. He gets a little help from Neal Bodenheimer (of Bellocq and Cure) and cocktail aficionado Wayne Curtis, who explain that celebrations in New Orleans back then were not all that different from today.

Photo by renee b. photography.

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