Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Public Service Announcement

Please pardon the image quality (I believe that this still shot was taken with the same camera used to make the Zapruder film), but if you look closely at the top of the second column from the left, you will see the faint image of a red and white striped candy cane which is the official announcement that Christmas has arrived in July.

A few summers back I strolled into The Creole Creamery one Sunday afternoon in July to pick up a pint of salted caramel ice cream which was intended to last for the entire week but almost never made it to see Monday morning. It so happened that TCC co-founder David Bergeron was working behind the counter that day, and he had the unfortunate duty of informing me that salted caramel had been 86ed for the time being.

I used a few choice expletives to display my disappointment, and David's only response was to smile and say, "If we carried everyone's flavor all the time, then no one would want to try something new. But you're in luck: July is not over, so we still have peppermint available." And that's when I learned about one of the most important pieces of information regarding TCC's flavor cycle.

You see, the peppermint ice cream at TCC is the flavor that launched a 1000 ships. In the infancy years of TCC, peppermint was only on offer in the month of December for obvious seasonal reasons. There was only one problem: customers wanted peppermint year round. They were like addicts banging down the door of a dealer whose Colombian supplier went on vacation 11 months out of the year. In order to stave off a protest, TCC decided that the peppermint flavor would make a cameo appearance every July.

And as such, there are now 20 days left on the official July 2012 peppermint countdown. Lovers of the sweet, herbal, slightly spicy pink flavor are advised to immediately proceed to the either the Uptown or Lakeview location and stock up for the 4 month drought between now and December. Five gallon tubs are available by special order.

The Creole Creamery - Birdie
4924 Prytania Street
(504) 894-8680
Open daily at noon; Sun-Thur till 10pm; Fri-Sat till 11pm
6260 Vicksburg Street
(504) 482-2924
Open daily from 2pm to 10pm


RBPoBoy said...

My 2 year old daughter's favorite places are Creole Creamery, Blue Dot donuts, and the water park at the zoo. She literally jumps and down and squeals whenever one of them comes into sight.

Anonymous said...

I find myself in that place too often buying pints of this magnificent salted carmel. David, if your reading, I don't want any other flavor. I want salted Carmel!!!! I get it from you, and from Chip in Rehobuth Beach. I'm coming in soon, hope it's there.