Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hansen's Sno-Bliz: Is It Worth It?

Last week while walking down Poydras at 9:30 in the morning, summer arrived. Up until that moment, a couple block walk through the CBD still held the the joys of a waltz through spring in New Orleans. But there about two blocks into the walk as beads of sweat began soaking through my shirt, I knew the fun had come to an end. Once summer arrives in New Orleans, it tends to stick around for a while like a house guest or fish. There is seemingly no relief in sight to days with temperatures that are higher than octane levels in gasoline. Thank heavens for the Hansen family.

For 73 years, the Hansen family has served one thing and one thing only: the sno ball. A shaved delight of frozen bliss with flavors ranging from the tart and crisp to sweet and creamy. There is an oft told story that there are only two restaurants in America that have 29/30 ratings for food from Zagat: The French Laundry and Hansen's. And while the product they serve casts the shadow on the wall of Plato's cave, the experience is what makes Hansen's such a wonderful spot.

Depending on what time you go, there will either be a short line or a long line. A long line is anything that goes past the door. A short line is anything less. Short lines are as rare as finishing a dozen raw at Casamento's with a sno ball from Hansen's. Follow the weathered yellowed line on the fruit punch colored floor directing traffic as you gaze around the room and its collection of yellowed newspaper clippings, senatorial proclamations, and photos of the Hansen's thru the years.

Your order probably says more about you than your driver's license. Personally, I go for a Hot Rod - stuffed with ice cream - and a tart flavor. Satsuma, orangeade, strawberry, lemonade, or some combination thereof are the go to flavorings. Extrapolate your own psychoanalytical theory on how much that order rules. Lindsay usually proclaims she is going to get something different on the ride over, but without fail here comes her cream of coconut. Even when on our last visit, they forgot to put ice cream in the Hot Rod and the staff of kids seemed ready to go home, the result was still a delicious way to cool down.

"One of these days, I am going to try something different," Lindsay will say as we leave.

Until then, it is good to know some things never change.

Hansen's: Sno-Bliz: Is It Worth It? Definitely.
Tuesday - Sunday 1pm - 7pm.
4801 Tchoupitoulas St.


Superdeformed said...

Almond + Chocolate Creme is as if the goddess Aphrodite herself sno-balled you.

Um, that's a good thing or soemthing.

kingschwarz said...

The French Laundry = Hansen's according to Zagat? I don't think so. Since when can you walk into the French Laundry, spend $3 and walk out in heaven? Look upon the Hansen's snowball, Thomas Keller, and despair.