Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Liuzza's By The Track Bloody Mary: Is It Worth It?

Jazz Fest is so close you can almost see the loud, Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, and dream catchers walking through the Faubourg St. John. For many, no trip to the hallowed Fairgrounds are complete without a stop at Liuzza's By The Track for a Bloody Mary. They then shuffle there as yet un-sunburned selves past the Mystery Street entrance and proceed to embarrass themselves with what they term dancing.

To be honest, I would rather not drink than have a Bloody Mary. Too often, some jackal with a fistful of celery salt, ruins the simplicity of the drink by stuffing it with all sorts of garden garnishments. If I wanted to be reminded of yard work, I would just drink in my backyard. The bartender then loads it up with hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and enough citrus to make lemon ice box pie jealous. What is worse is they simply layer the drink over ice, barely pausing to shake it, mix it, or otherwise craft the drink. The warmth of the drink melts the ice and soon you are holding a tepid, heartburn delivery system with fennel seeds stuck in your teeth.

Behold a well-made Bloody Mary. It is jet cold and pairs perfectly with three Advils. The garnishments are a bit much for me, but the snack of spicy green beans at the end at least allows you to tell your mom you are eating your veggies. The citrus component is well-deployed acting to provide a contrast to the tomato base without causing your lips to pucker. A slight undercurrent of spice helps to remind you that you are doing something you shouldn't be doing. Namely, playing hooky from work and paying $55 to see a band that plays for free on Tuesday nights at the bar down  the street from your house.

If you are going to Jazz Fest, and you should, start or end your day with a Bloody Mary from Liuzza's By The Track.

Liuzza's By The Track Bloody Mary: Is It Worth It? Definitely.
1518 N. Lopez Street

Like the photo? Obviously, it isn't my handiwork but that of Renee Bienvenu.


RBPoBoy said...

The fairgrounds is a 5 minute walk from my house. The brass pass lets me come and go at will at the Fest. When I get too hot, I walk home, mix a powerful Gin and Tonic, follow it with a large San Pellegrino, sit in the AC for half and hour, and head back out. Sometimes a short nap is called for.

I love the next two weeks as much as Mardi Gras. Our spare bedrooms are always full of out of town friends, and they always cook for us, and take us out to eat. The party starts Wednesday for us this year. Can't...frickin'...wait.

Jeff Abbott said...

This is the best Bloody Mary review I've ever read. "Jet cold and pairs with 3 Advils" is perfect. I am also not crazy about the recent trend of meat stirrers in Bloody Marys. Whatever. The drink is not supposed to be a buffet.

willifred said...

Actually it's $65 to enter

Brian C said...

Wait until you taste a Ubon's bloody mary at MIM. It will change you're world.

Rene said...

What about it Jim? You owe me an email, Jim.