Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Date Night: Fat City Edition

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys said it best, Fat City is "the concrete jungle where dreams are made of." Fat City may have gotten a regulatory scrubbing in the form of Cynthia Lee Sheng's ordinances, but it still has an certain je nais se quoi. The intriguing thing about Fat City, and I am being serious here, is you can see an idea that just didn't pan out like its developers thought. The hordes from Bourbon Street never materialized, the swanky hotels didn't follow, and now it sits like a time capsule that has been opened before it is time.

Luckily, Fat City is a time capsule filled with some of the best ethnic eats in the city. The idea of the Fat City Marathon has percolated in the craw for a few years now. With such an abundance of good food in the area and us traveling out there so infrequently, it only made sense to one time eat multiple meals in the same trip. Hence the Fat City Marathon, which we unknowingly accomplished last Saturday night.

We brought along some friends with us and I began dropping subtle hints in the car. "We really need to come out here one time and eat at Kanno and Korea House."

Cue Laughter.

First stop was Kanno. Where we shared thin ribbons of salmon, their white streaks of fat melting on the tongue rapidly. Bowls of the soft shell miso ("Japanese Gumbo") with its spicy stock killed time before crispy and juicy gyoza. Then nigiri sushi topped with grapefruit red colored orbs of tuna, lightly seared albacore, and giant clam. A plate of squid grilled and served with asparagus and portabello mushrooms could stand in for red meat any Friday in Lent. Bottles of Sapporo consumed, I pressed again, "Hey anyone want to go to Korea House for a nightcap?"

Cue nervous laughter.

Out came the Kanno chocolates and a discussion on mochi ensued. We paid the bill and leaving Kanno the dim lights of Korea House beckoned like the daughters of Achelus. By now the die was cast; we were 13.1 miles into a marathon, no point in stopping now. 

Bottles of Hite and Soju arrived first. Platters of condiments, kimchi, fermented black beans, and potatoes next. Then a glowing cauldron of rice, vegetables, and egg. A healthy dose of gochujang and rapid stirring sent the bibimibap sizzling. Marinated and grilled short ribs, their exteriors crusty, nestled in cups of lettuce with white rice and kimchi was the perfect finishing sprint.

Marathon complete, I couldn't tempt them into a triathlon. "Hey how about dessert, I think Sucre is still open?"

Cue shouting.


Jody said...

Don't forget Morning Call, Drago's, Lager's, Taqueria Corona (Metairie style) and the Kosher Cajun Deli!

Becky said...

I'm reminded of the Dryades Street Shuffle - a dozen raw at Manales followed by a wedge salad and steak at Charlies, then a nightcap and a game of Scrabble at the Neutral Ground. That's on Danneel but close enough. Good times!