Friday, October 21, 2011

You Can't Stop NOLA Brewing, You Can Only Hope to Contain Them

Photo stolen off of Twitter @NOLABrewing

Trust us, that was the least offensive pun we came up with for a title to this post. As we are sure you know, NOLA Brewing - that rising behemoth of brew, that stalwart of suds - is set to release their New Orleans focused beers in new portable personal mini kegs. These personal mini kegs can travel almost anywhere. From the parade grounds to the parking lot of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, from the whitish sands of Pass Christian to your Aunt Beatrice's wake, there is literally nowhere you can't take these personal mini-kegs. And unlike big, bulky group kegs, these personal mini kegs are recyclable and come in convenient six and twenty-four packs.

To celebrate the release of the NOLA Blonde personal mini kegs, next Thursday they are taking over Tipitina's starting at 8 p.m. Featuring the music of Colin Lake, Flow Tribe, and Big Sam's Funky Nation, this will be in the words of soon to be married Donnie Boy Riguez, "a stone cold groove". Tickets are $15 which come not only with a personal mini keg but also a personal mini keg insulation device, which is a technological breakthrough on a global scale. These so-called "koozies" keeps a cold beverage colder longer. It does so by protecting the cold aluminum of the can from the warmth of your grubby little paw. So do the math people, $15 clams, 3 bands, 1 beer, and a lifetime of guaranteed cold beer, that is such a good deal Groupon would have passed on it.

On a personal note, the folks at NOLA Brewing have become a symbol of everything is right with New Orleans. We wish them nothing but the best. Now go drink their beer.


Anonymous said...

I like my beer like my violence: Domestic!

Anonymous said...

large 1/2 and 1/4 barrel kegs are recycled all the time; I imaging more often than mini-kegs...

RBPoy said...

It should have been " can only hop to contain them."

Rene said...

Anon 2,

In my book that is reused. Recycle entails a different process.

Also note: they are really cans, not personal mini kegs.

RBPoy, nicely played sir. Nicely played.