Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rene - Pale yellow/gold in glass. On the nose I get some lemon with cold cream. Fatty in mouth with a mineral viscosity and trace of spice. I think this wine do well with something substantial like the Veal Alyssa at Mr. John's. Or perhaps the Oysters Rock at The Bombay Club where they serve a fried oyster on a bed of absinthe laced cream spinach. But I'd be equally happy drinking this on its own.

Peter - This wine is a walking contradiction. The color is faintly yellow, so you expect muted flavors and crispness. The nose has a sweetness like fresh melon. Then you taste and the sugar is very mellow, with a good bit of tang/spice on the end. This go well with the pan sauteed drum with smoked tomato beurre blanc that was on my lunch table at Lilette yesterday.

Joe the Wine Guy - The 2010 Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc from Provenance reveals lively aromas reminiscent of lemon custard, Key lime, orange blossom and kiwi. Hints of lemongrass and mineral - the signatures of this grape varietal - add complexity. The mouth-coating flavors pick up apple cobbler and nutmeg notes before culminating in a long, tangy finished that is lightly nuanced with sweet oak spice. This wine's vibrant, balanced acidity makes it a delicious apertif or compliment to lighter entrees. Retails for $24.99 and poured at Mike's on the Avenue and Mr. B's.

Winesday Redux - Coincidentally, Provenance Winery holds a special place in the hearts of Blackened Out fans because that is where Peter, The Pope, and their merry band of wineauxs stayed during their first trip to Napa. To read more about that viticultural adventure, click here.


Meghan said...

"lemon custard, Key lime, orange blossom and kiwi"

yum, I'd love to try this.

Rene said...


You only seem to come around when we are talking about wine. No. Not judging, just observing. And recipes are coming. Hold your horses.

Meghan said...

I'm a lush.

That and I'm actually trying to learn more about wine. I don't want to become a snob though. I like how you have your reviews in normal people terms. I'd probably be rich if it wasn't for my wine bill. Ok, probably not. I'm sort of tired of grabbing random bottles off the racks.

I'll most likely drink anything you put in front of me. Wine related, of course.