Friday, June 3, 2011

Blue Dot Special

Doughnuts were standard Saturday morning fair growing up. While most of you exalt the rather dry and commissary style doughnuts of McKenzie's, we opted instead for Ross's Donuts at the end of Metairie Road. Besides being an incredible baker, Ross also had a bit of a stutter and liked to tell jokes. The result was a run for doughnuts could easily eat up your entire morning.

Recently, Blue Dot Donuts opened on Canal St. which just so happens to be well-positioned as a detour following an early Saturday morning walk around City Park with The Hounds. The Hounds are fans of the glazed ones, but only with a cup of coffee and the Saturday cartoons. What a bunch of weird dogs.

While the regular doughnuts at Blue Dot are nothing to sneeze at, it is the special flavors that really grab my attention. Peanut butter and jelly just so happens to be one of the all time greatest flavor combinations known to man. And here it is, a jelly filled doughnut with a topping of creamy peanut butter, some chopped peanuts and then a wedge of strawberry. It is as the French would say, "Pretty bad ass."

Lindsay is very partial to cake doughnuts. We have been searching for a chocolate cake doughnut throughout the the Gulf South for the last three plus years to no avail. While we did not find the elusive Black Pearl at Blue Dot, she did find a very good selection of flavored cake doughnuts like the strawberry, blueberry, cake with strawberry icing, and a chocolate and coconut one. The strawberry cake was her favorite, and I must say she has impeccable taste.

Finally, because what good is a meal without dessert, we had a red velvet cupcake. I've never really understood the appeal of red velvet cake as it really just seems like a conduit for cream cheese frosting. But this doughnut was moist and a damn fine conduit at that.

Blue Dot - Birdie
4301 Canal St.


Ned said...

A donut shop opened by cops is going to be good...

Megan said...

My niece insisted we visit this place on Sunday morning, and we were not disappointed. We are both partial to the chocolate covered sprinkled ones. Delicious!

Snakebite said...

I'm glad you bring up donuts, because ever since McKenzie's and the Tastee by Touro went away, Uptown has been lacking in this department. Blue Dot might be in a different part of town, but I feel it is my duty to let the Uptowners know the latest news here.

First, the bakery on Maple St. has a fantastic donut, but at $1.25 a piece, I have to pass. C'mon, we're in a recession. That makes it $15 for a dozen. Ridicuous!

There is good news though, as Ted's Frostop has been selling donuts since December at $0.75. They are hunky and delicious. Do yourself a favor and go grab a baker's dozen. They also have donut holes, twists, and much more.


willifred said...

At about 3 minutes from my door, I've been through pretty much all they make. Of the whole lot, I really like the buttermilk ones the best....but I can do without the maple and bacon ones.

Peter said...

See, and I was just gonna say how odd I found it that you reviewed their specials with no mention of my favorite - the maple bacon long john!