Friday, August 6, 2010

The We Live To Eat Finals

Cue instrumental get pumped music.

The Finals have arrived. Face it, you are craving competition in your life. Favregust - hat tip to Donnie Boy and his 9 votes - has you screaming profanities at Stuart Scott. Even more so than normal, we mean. Football preseason is about enjoyable as listening to us wax phoetically about Vietnamese. And baseball still has 112 games left. But, hey, the WNBA is just heating up.

So let's compete. As you will notice, we paired up each of our WLTE Contest finalists with an assignment. Each contestant will email us their selections by next Thursday at 8 p.m. World limit is 500 words per selection. Reader's the power to coronate is in your small hands that smell of cabbage. Top 3 win some pretty stellar prizes courtesy of the folks at We Live To Eat and the Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, whose expo is this weekend.

Without further a deux: the Finalists and their assignments.

Stephen Agans - Spend the day in the French Quarter, but you can't go anywhere already mentioned by you or any other finalist.

McLovin - It is Friday in Lent for this good Catholic boy. No meat, no booze, (you gave it up for Lent after your, ahem, "exploits" on Mardi Gras) and you probably should go to Mass.

Seersucker and Sazeracs - You cannot enter Orleans Parish. Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, and St. Tammany are fair game though.

Wild Bert - You have to eat sandwiches all day. Punishment? No. Awesome.

Cap'n P - Our week five runner-up can go to any restaurant he wants... so long as it is on Magazine Street.

Double Chin
- Ethnic food. Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees, Look at These!

Pamela Anderson was spotted by a devoted reader at d.b.a. the other night. Ms. Anderson was in town to help save pets abandoned by the oil spill. And for her efforts we give her a big thumbs up. And you thought we were just going for a cheap joke.

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