Thursday, August 12, 2010


Thank you RBPoBoy for providing the perfect segue into today's post. I love the onion rings at Liuzza's. The batter is not as crumbly as it once was, but still the ratio of fried goodness to sweet onion is well-portioned. Whenever I go to Liuzza's, which truth be told hasn't been as often as it once was, a schooner of Abita Amber and an order of onion rings is ordered as soon as possible.

Just look at that light golden shell. It shatters like bone china on marble when you sink your teeth into the firm, lord of the onion rings. How can one improve on this manna from Mid City? Make your own dipping sauce by combining the hot sauce on the table (which brand varies) with some ketchup. Swirl the onion through the mixture before depositing it in your mouth. Hey, it was good enough for Tony Soprano's last meal.

The rest of the meal unfolded like this. Decent hamburger steak that was a little tough, mashed potatoes that were likely frozen at one point, but a very excellent gravy. I should not have ventured from the Fat Kid Special. And if you know what that means without clicking the link, thank you for reading for this long.

Lindsay went with the eggplant parmesan. The sauce had an overly herbaceous vibe to it, as if someone in the kitchen was trying really hard to cover up Prego's name. Lindsay summed up her meal as this, "Should have stopped at the onion rings.

Liuzza's will always hold a special place in my hear,t as I have probably eaten there more than any other restaurant in New Orleans. But if you just came here for a schooner of beer and an order of onion rings (and maybe a Fat Kid Special), I'd say you would have a pretty awesome meal. Anything else and may luck be with you.

Liuzza's - Par


jshushan said...

I pretty much agree with you. Except, the "Frenchuletta" is actually quite good if you like your Muff ingredients hot. Also, the gumbo is pretty good.


I'maNolaGirl said...

I agree with Jonathan, the Frenchuletta is very good. But typically my meal there peaks at the onion rings as well. However, order a second schooner, and who cares...