Thursday, May 1, 2008

For Lunch Today...

If you can swing it, go to Jazz Fest and gorge on Cochon De Lait Po-Boys, Crawfish Bread and Beer for a delicious low carb lunch. Randy Newman takes the stage in the early afternoon and if you get close enough to him he may write a song about you: "Pretty lady eating an apple, right foot, left foot, right foot..."

However, that scenario will not likely occur. In response I would recommend that you go to Singha Thai on Carondelet (Towards Canal Street from Poydras). Snake past the kitchen to your left and find a table in the backroom. If the line seems long, do not worry you will probably be seated, served, and sent on your way in about 35 minutes. Start with a few appetizers for the table. Chicken Sate, Spring Rolls, etc... you know the drill. Lady loves the yellow curry [EDIT: Lady is now a Red Curry Aficionado]; the other selections deliver a load of heat if you ask for it. Ask for it. Go there and return to the office in a hurry so you can sneak out at 3 and catch a few bands.

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