Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top Chef Preview and other miscelanny

Check out these brief bios on this season's Top Chef contestants. Episodes begin on March 12th. Obviously, Peter will be taking bets on who will win. And at Calcutta on Wednesday March 19th, we will auction off each of the remaining chefs. Gambling on a Reality TV Food Focused Show, perfect.

Review of the Golden Clogs. Also, a review of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Next year your bloggers will gladly go to the event in order to provide you with the first-hand reporting you have come to expect from this top notch shit show. Also, Miami is close to the home base location of The Legend; which means chaos, confusion, and probably an arrest warrant.

Video footage of Chef Brian Landry of Galatoire's on the Today Show on Mardi Gras
. Good to see a Blue Jay dominating.

A wonderful map of some of the fine dining establishments scattered near the CBD, French Quarter, and Uptown. With permission from The Coon Hunter, thanks. A great reference for lunches and/or dinners.

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