Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Quick Drink: The Daiquiri

There has been a lot of talk about Go Cups lately. I am not sure who started this ruckus; but quite frankly, it has me craving a daiquiri. The daiquiri, besides being one of those confusing to spell words, began its life in humble circumstances. It soon immigrated from its native Cuba to the United States where it became bastardized into a frozen concoction built for getting teenager girls who don't like the taste of alcohol drunk. While I have no personal qualms with the frozen daiquiri, a true daiquiri does not dispense from a machine.

A good daiquiri should be three things and three things only: cold, balanced, and simple. Think of it as the roast chicken of the cocktail world. How it is made says more about the bartender than his credit score. The tartness of lime juice should blend harmoniously with the rum and simple syrup. The drink should be slightly cloudy from a vigorous shake, with maybe a few shards of ice floating on top. Bayou Rum has become my daiquiri rum this summer. It has a light hint of sweetness that I find allows me to cut back on the simple syrup without comprising the balance of the drink. Look, I'd rather DRINK my sugar than drink my sugar if you catch my drift.

As far as my opinion on Go Cups, let's just say when the City Council says there is no prohibition against Go Cups and then lists all the ways they limit Go Cups, I see no dichotomy in that. Or the fact that the main reason they give for not allowing new places to have Go Cups is litter. Meanwhile, six blocks away from my house, Claiborne Ave. is strewn with litter from Popeyes, Wendy's, McDonald's, Walgreens, and just about any other spot on the road. Funny, I don't recall any provisos limiting their ability to litter the neighborhoods. Or the fact that sometimes neighborhood groups don't request a Go Cup proviso but the City Planning Commission adds one anyway. But hey, nothing to see here.

Solution? Have another daiquiri. You'll feel much better.


2 oz Bayou Silver Rum
.5 oz of simple syrup
Juice of three-quarters of a lime (use other quarter for a lime wheel) or .75 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

Chill a coupe or similar glass vessel.

Combine rum, simple syrup, and lime juice. Add ice. Shake it like it stole from you. Strain into chilled coupe. Add lime wheel. Drink quickly.


Phil Nizialek said...

A wonderful, refreshing summertime drink for NOLA is the Daiquiri. Unfortuantely, I have to tell many bartenders how to make it. Their initial reaction when I order a classic daiquiri is to say, "we don't do frozen drinks," or "we don't have a blender." Egads, that's frustrating, but the so called Daiquiri shops have ruined the drink's reputation. Thanks for featuring my favorite summer drink!

thomas cook said...

You need to run for mayor.

Phil Nizialek said...

You got it. Here's my platform: It's a little bit Quartercentic. More live music on Rampart Street. In fact, more live music everywhere. Universal go cups. No T Shirt shops on Royal St. No need for second line permits. An injunction on lawsuits by New Yorkers who want us to change our ways. And, most controversial, enforce the rules in the perimeter streets of Jackson Square so I don't have to walk a gauntlet of smelly, vomiting drunks when I go pick my wife up from work.

BBQ Binge said...

You have made it clear, another product sell out

willifred said...

Alexandre at 12 Mile Limit makes a very fine version. She has no problem with shaking it until the cows come you said, those little ice crystals make it . I believe they were using a rum made in Colorado the last couple I had there. I'll have to try the Bayou brand.

Rene said...

BBQ Binge,

Care to clarify?

Anonymous said...

when some bars open up next to you, in what was a quiet residential neighborhood, tell me again how great 24/7 & go-cups are.

if this hasnt happened to you, be lucky you dont have a parade of hipster fuckheads yelling on the street at 3am on a weeknight as they stumble from one bar to the next, and that you dont then have to pick up discarded go-cups and PBR cans after these overgrown children.

sorry, but if the city wants anything other than a week tourist economy, we need robust industries and a quality of life that retains worker bees. nobody wants to live next to that shit. the Quarter neednt be everywhere.

friv 8 said...

I feel that your perspective is deep and everything is pretty good given the perceptions and opinions logic together.