Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Angelo Brocato: Is It Worth It?

The term Italian is one like Creole. That is a term that at once conjures up a variety of images and yet has no concrete meaning. So without saying too much, Angelo Brocato is the quintessential Italian ice cream parlor. Inside the pink pastel room, an archway of exposed lights colors the pastries, gelatos, and cakes that line the shelves. There are metal tables and chairs, their seats cradling the knees of countless children throughout the years who peer over the marble tabletop looking for uneaten gelato. There is always a line, but the line moves swiftly.

You would do well to order a brick of spumoni, if only to marvel at how delicious a rainbow can be. The spumoni alternates between tart and fruity, nutty and sweet flavors. Plus, check out the doily!

Strawberry gelato lacked punch and the explosion of flavor that gelato brings to the iced dessert world. The chocolate almond more than made up for this deficiency - coating the slight bitterness of almonds with the luxuriousness of the chocolate like a smile on Cruella de Ville.

With summer coming (ok, it is here already), it is time to enjoy a cool treat now and then. There are few better places to do so than Brocato's.

Angelo Brocato: Is it Worth It? Most definitely.
214 N. Carrollton Ave.
(504) 486-1465
Closed on Mondays.


Mr. Fed Up said...

Great post. I know some people are extremely loyal to this place. I myself am more of a frozen yogurt fan (BUT THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY OF THESE IN NOLA).

I just really like to see how a humble, little local place like this can survive year after year despite all the big chains and corporations trying to compete.

Thats one of the best thing of NOLA, how we still have unique gems like this.

Kimberly Ranjbar said...

I just love their Napoleons! Next time I will have to force myself to order something else!