Monday, February 6, 2012

Back to the Butcher

Prime rib sandwich special at Cochon Butcher.
There are times when it seems that I eat at the same places over and over again, but then I look up and a year has passed by without visiting what used to be one of my regular favorites. When I first started working downtown almost 4 years ago, lunch at Cochon Butcher was a weekly event for my co-workers and me. And then once I became a resident of the CBD, it quickly became a go to option for dinner as well. But over the past year Butcher inexplicably fell out of my rotation, only to reemerge in recent weeks as a dining option which should always be at the top of the list.

All of our favorite sandwiches are still there and remain steadfast in their deliciousness. The cold roast beef spiked with horseradish, Carolina style pulled pork which I just love to slather with the namesake hot sauce, and the Cubano smuggling roasted poblanos in between layers of roast pork and ham. But the specials have been bringing the heat as of late. A recent recurring special has been an old school meatball hero covered in so much marinara and melted provolone that this sandwich alone may thwart Subway's FebruANY campaign. Another winner featured prime rib shaved so thin and with a texture so tender that you wonder if this cow came from Kobe, and it's generously piled upon buttery crisp marble rye and matched with melted gruyere and celery root remoulade.

In addition to the sandwiches, the rotating selection of side dishes will help ease the pain of your New Year's resolution to give up french fries. Cucumbers and chili in a light vinaigrette, grilled sweet potatoes and onions, and roasted brussels sprouts are always solid choices. My new favorite though is an Italian chopped of mini pasta shells, diced salami, herbs and greens - sort of like eating a muffuletta with a fork.

So don't let one of the favorites slip the cracks. At Cochon Butcher, what was good then, is even better now. And don't forget to grab a mini king cake for dessert.

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas Street
(504) 588-7675
Open Daily at 10am; Mon-Thur till 10pm; Fri-Sat till 11pm; Sun till 4pm

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