Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad from Ideal Market

Yesterday, I decided that my gameday menu would consist of barbacoa and freshly pressed tortillas. So just before kickoff I headed over to Ideal Market on Broad Street to pickup supplies, and (as has been the custom on my trips to this Latin grocery) I walked away with more than I expected.

First, the calamitous road construction along Palmyra Street has finally ended, and a new and expansive parking lot is available for customers. Second, the grocery has more than doubled in size after a recent renovation, with an expanded produce section and more baked goods on display.

Most importantly (at least to me) the kitchen now has an extended service line, which means a larger array of Latin delicacies is available, and therefore there are more opportunities for me to make an ass out of myself by listening to the people in front me place their orders and then attempting to repeat their exact words in my sorry excuse for Spanglish. Yesterday I requested "pequeño barbacoa y seis tortillas", which successfully sent me away with a small container of braised beef and a half dozen freshly griddled tortillas. I completed the package with dollops of the spicy guacamole, which I finally found after 2 loops around the grocery.

One new offering that I had not yet seen before was tacos al pastor. Sampling the upright rotisserie of pork - complete with a fresh hunk of pineapple slowly spinning on top - may not have been on my original agenda when I walked in, but that did not prevent me from walking out with an order of 3 oversized tacos dressed simply with cilantro and onions and served with a fiery red pepper salsa.

I caught one final surprise on my way out the door, when I spied a pamphlet touting a special holiday menu. Apparently Ideal Market can fulfill all of your holiday catering needs, offering 40-60lbs whole roasted pigs and a tres leches cake large enough to feed an army. I'm currently waiting for my family to confirm that roasted beef head is an acceptable contribution to Christmas dinner.

Ideal Market - Birdie
250 South Broad Street
Open 7 Days - Morning till Night

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Anonymous said...

that place rocks. will have to check out the new layout.