Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Round Up

Weekends really begin on Thursdays or at least they should. Especially weekends which combine NBA Playoffs, Jazz Fest, and the last gasps of Spring.

Thursday Night: Quick bite to eat at the Butcher before watching The Ugly Kardashian's husband, some guy who climbs into stands and hits fans, The-Rapist for $200, Alex, and David Stern's officials bounce the Hornets from the playoffs. Thankfully the greatest chocolate chip cookie in the world has been restored to its original recipe. After that pre-dessert, we had the always good pancetta mac n cheese, smoky and bitter buckboard bacon melt, and a special baked oyster with fontina, pancetta, and mushrooms. A word about that last dish, beware chargrilled oysters and oysters Rockefeller, there is a new sheriff in town. Look I realize we write about the Butcher a lot and you are tired of hearing about it. However, the fact remains there is no better spot in town for a quick bite to eat.

Friday Night: Checked out the new (but not really) bistro menu at Vizard's. About a year ago, Kevin Vizard revamped the menu so that there are no longer categories like appetizers, salads, and entrees. Instead each dish is a plate neither large nor small. Sort of confusing, yes, but you will get the hang of it, and end up ordering too much food. We started with a greens, egg, and ham salad which arrived with a paneed poached egg, underdressed greens, and crispy lardons. The dressing also could have used some more vinegar. Next up was a beautiful plate of ruby red tuna tartar awash in an Asian dressing and set within a ring of verdant green avocado slices. Next came a pork loin and shrimp dish with a fair amount of heat, some scallops, and finally a course of lamb chops. Finally, a cup of candy bar ice cream and the black and blue cake. The former had bits of candy - Snickers, Milky Way, etc...-studded throughout rich chocolate ice cream, while the latter is an old standby of Vizard's combining the sweetness of chocolate with the punch of blue cheese. Vizard's - Par/Birdie.

Sunday - Lunch at Cyrus Restaurant before hitting up Dorignac's. Delicious, revelatory Persian food served with a crisp flatbread that is somewhere between a pizza crust and a thick cracker. But to read more about Cyrus, you will have to read next month's OffBEAT Magazine.

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