Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Call at the Deutsches Haus

This time, it's for real.

Seriously, I'm not kidding. Quoted from the website: "[T]he current location of the Deutsches Haus will be permanently closed at midnight on Saturday October 24th the last night of Oktoberfest 2010." And look, it's even noted on this year's commemorative glass.

The organizers of Oktoberfest have made this year's the best one yet, with the party now spilling out onto the street. The standing tables allow for easy eating for more festival goers, though the food lines are as long as ever. Thankfully, the beer still tastes the same, which is to say its cold, refreshing, and makes the perfect way to pass the time on a cool autumn night.

Standing on Galvez Street last weekend, a friend joked about whether this really is the end of the Haus: "Yep, last year I was here for the final Oktoberfest, and I plan on being here next year for the same thing."

I wouldn't take the chance if I were you.

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