Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your Call - Salsas por el Lago

There are three types of people who know about Salsas por el Lago:
  1. Regulars at the volleyball courts at Coconut Beach
  2. Members of Southern Yacht Club
  3. High school students who hang out at The Point

Located in a building which long ago housed a Ground Pati (and a bunch of other stuff since then), Salsas serves the "authentic" Mexican cuisine which has taken the city by storm over the past few years. To say that Salsas has flown under the radar since its inception is an understatement - the first three times I went, the only patrons were myself and the same 80 year old man in a trucker hat who sat at the end of the bar and talked (in English) to the television (broadcasting in Spanish). Hopefully the hour long wait on Cinco de Mayo is a sign of an upswing in business.

The food is simple, cheap, and good. Sure, the chips come straight from a bag, but cutting corners such as those can be forgiven at these prices. Start with “The Dip” - a smooth puree of avocado and sour cream with flecks of black pepper and heat from jalapeno. Tacos ($2 each) are double wrapped in corn tortillas and dressed with onions and cilantro. Smaller in size than most others, 5 make a filling meal. Choice of meats are the usual suspects:
  • Chicharron – soft, porky, goodness
  • Beef Fajita – crispy chunks
  • Lengua – a bit too chewy in my opinion
  • Desebrada – shredded beef similar to pot roast
  • Chicken - never had it
  • Barbacoa – succulent and rich shreds of beef cheeks; the best by far.

The red salsa has a strong vinegar component; green salsa is in a true verde style (not thick like Taqueria D.F.). Burritos, enchiladas, and tortas fill out the rest of the menu, no item on which crosses the $10 threshold.

While the food at Salsas will not blow you away, the location and value should place this newcomer on more people's radar. Open 7 days per week for dine-in or pickup, Salsas is a great place for those looking for a quick bite at an affordable price. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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Jones said...

barbacoa torta is the best thing going there. if they can just do b-fast tacos w/horchata, i'd feel like i was in mexican heaven. kudos on that guac dip btw. it appears to be the same recipe from when that location dubbed as a mini-mart.